"My daughter looks forward to Colourstrings classes every week and was very disappointed one week when I made the decision to send her to a birthday party instead. She hasn't let me forget my mistake!                               Heather

“Matthew (2 years old) only started attending Colourstrings 4 weeks ago, but he already seems quite at ease in the class, and eager to participate. Heather leads the classes with great energy and enthusiasm, and she seems to know a vast range of songs and works really hard to engage the children's attention and interest with a variety of percussion instruments, puppets, soft toys and colourful fabrics.
I particularly like the fact that Heather knows every child by name. Every class starts with a welcoming song, where each child is welcomed in turn, and at the end, there is a peaceful time of winding down when the children cuddle teddies while listening to relaxing music, followed by a song saying goodbye to every child in turn. 
I am really impressed by Colourstrings, thus far!” 


“Hattie loves your classes Heather and really looks forward to them” 
“Maya thoroughly enjoys her class.”

"Heather, it is wonderful. I'm amazed how much my daughter has learnt this year and how engaged they all are.”

"Colourstrings has sown seeds, nurtured and watered them in our boys' lives which are growing and will produce great harvest. Thank you for the passion you have to teach and import such a gift! You have deposited something amazing in them."      Jill 
"Thank you for a stimulating experience and the stepping stones towards developing a musical ear.”
"A great foundation for many wonderful things to come! Look forward to next years classes. Many many thanks."
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“I just wanted to say thanks for everything: your class has made such an impact on Lauren & Sophie and its the highlight of our week.”

Megan & Pam

I just wanted to tell you that Torin was Joseph in his nursery nativity last week -

I could hear his dulcet tones very clearly over everyone else!!

I'm sure coming to your class has really helped his confidence and enjoyment of singing, thank you!

Heather, thank you so much Finlay and Lucas loved the class today, it was fab. cant wait until next week. Ailsa x
Just took my 9 month old baby daughter to this class for the first time, and she loved it. As well as singing there were musical instruments to play with and scarves for peek-a-boo games. It seems like a great way to interact with your baby and encourage them to enjoy music. Morag
Romesh has enjoyed this term a great deal and looks forward to music & singing on a Friday. It has been lovely watching him gain confidence in his singing, especially in front of the family audience. Thanks for all your efforts, hard work & patience. Pamali
Having attended Colourstrings since age 1, my daughter has spent just over a year learning violin as an extension of the Colourstrings way of learning music. All her hard work (and mine as a parent!) felt like it had paid off when she said this morning, 
  "I love playing music on my grown up violin!” Nathalie