What if my child doesn't settle in the first class?
 How can I encourage my child at home if I'm not attending the class?
 My child is very active: how will they fit into a class?
 Can my child be in the same class as a friend who is a year younger?
 I'm unable to sing in tune & would consider myself unmusical: is it a problem?
 Why choose a Colourstrings / Kodaly music class?
 How many in each class?
 What is the cost?
 What instruments will they learn?
 At what stage would you recommend more specialised instrumental tuition?
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  1. Classes for children under 3 are attended by parents / carer. Full participation is encouraged by all: if the adults join in then this will encourage the children and will add to the visual experience.

  1. In these early years one of our main aims is to establish pulse, the feeling of the beat, so wherever possible allow your child to experience this by bouncing them on your lap, by gently tapping the pulse on their body or by placing your hands under theirs to encourage a pulse movement.

  1. Younger children will learn a lot by quietly observing so don't be discouraged if your child doesn't appear to be joining in. Your first experience of your child's singing might be when you are singing together at home. Older children might also take time to adjust to a new class and it is for this reason that we would recommend a minimum of 3 weeks for a trial period.

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