Why choose a Colourstrings / Kodaly music class?
 How many in each class?
 What is the cost?
 What instruments will they learn?
 At what stage would you recommend more specialised instrumental tuition?
 How can we make the most of the classes?
 What can we expect from the first class?
 What if my child doesn't settle in the first class?
 How can I encourage my child at home if I'm not attending the class?
 My child is very active: how will they fit into a class?
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If you are attending a class with your child this will be an ideal opportunity for you to develop your skills. Please don't be embarrassed to sing out as this will allow your voice to develop and pitch more accurately. Remember that your voice is special to your child and no voice gets a child's attention more than a mothers - or fathers!
Listening to the Singing Rascal CDs will also help you and your child to develop a more accurate sense of pitch.
Kodaly considered everyone able to develop musically and although he recommended this education to start as soon as possible, even before a child is born, you are never too old to start.
  1. Bullet I'm unable to sing in tune & would consider myself unmusical: is it a problem?

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